A few years back a good friend of mine recommended a news site on Facebook. That is how I first heard of The Rivard Report, a local (San Antonio) online news outlet. Independent and nonprofit I fell in love with the site as an alternative to other news options that were difficult to read on mobile and tended not to cover issues that mattered much to me. (Celebrity gossip and the like.)

From time to time I’ve considered becoming a writer. Then I’d sit to write something and realize how difficult a job that is. When I read commentaries on the Rivard Report I sometimes think, “I could do that.” Well, I finally did. Last week a story broke that I felt I could contribute to, so I wrote an op-ed. To my surprise they published it. I may not be much of a writer, but I am published now and that’s kind of cool.

Read my piece here, and read more great journalism every day here.