The Permanent Waves Podcast

Anyone who knows me knows that my one, true love is the band, Rush. This summer my friend, Ben Scott, and I finally launched a project that had been on our hearts for years.

The Permanent Waves Podcast is a show by Rush fans, for Rush fans, about Rush fans. If you like Rush, you can not only appreciate the show, but you could also be a guest!

New episodes are published Wednesdays on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, and pretty much anywhere else you get your podcasts.

rey loves women

Since I was a young man I've known that I am perplexed and astonished by women. I've spent my adult life trying to better understand the world that women live in. The Rey Loves Women Podcast is my attempt to bring this conversation to the public and, hopefully, help myself and my listeners to understand and appreciate women a little better.

And if I get a few dating tips out of it, so be it.

Listen at or in your favorite podcatcher.

*Note: The Rey Loves Women podcast is currently in hiatus. It may or may not return with new episodes soon, but the old ones are still very much worth listening too.