The Permanent Waves Podcast Network

In the past year or so I have found a new hobby in podcasting. It started in 2017 with the Rey Loves Women Podcast. In 2018 I teamed up with a friend to start the Permanent Waves Podcast. Producing the latter gave me the skills and the confidence to take another swing at the Rey Loves Women Podcast. Around the same time two of my best friends convinced me that a third show was also necessary. So here I stand at the helm of a series of projects I affectionately call The Permanent Waves Podcast Network.

Below you will find introductions to my shows. Find and subscribe to the shows on your favorite podcasting platform including, but not limited to, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Each show is published biweekly so that I can continue having a life outside of podcasting.

The Permanent Waves Podcast

Anyone who knows me knows that my one, true love is the band Rush. Last summer my friend, Ben Scott, and I finally launched a project that had been on our hearts for years.

The Permanent Waves Podcast is a show by Rush fans, for Rush fans, about Rush fans. Our mutual love for the band serves as a jumping off point for discussions on life, music, aspirations, and the legacies we all leave behind.

This podcast is brought to you by the letter “R.”

rey loves women

I've spent my adult life trying to better understand the world that women live in. The Rey Loves Women Podcast is my attempt to bring this conversation to the public and, hopefully, help myself and my listeners to understand and appreciate women a little better.

And if I get a few dating tips out of it, so be it.

Rey Loves Women began with a trial run in 2017. In the fall of 2018 I revived the project, releasing the original run of episodes first. The show features conversations with women in my life about the things that matter to them.

The Stump a Catholic Podcast

During one of the many nights spent in the corner booth of a Whataburger with two of my best friends, Trevor and Trenton, I sat discussing the implications of divorce and remarriage in the Star Wars universe. During the conversation Trevor remarked that in all of the conversations we’ve shared on religion he had never quite been able to “stump” me. You could almost see the lightbulb switch on above my head as the Stump a Catholic podcast was born.

This show serves as an outlet for my knowledge of the Catholic faith and as an excuse to have thoughtful discussions with close friends. It is also my last attempt at impressing and marrying a Catholic woman.