My name is rey, and you're pretty cute. 


Hello and thanks for visiting my dating page. I understand that being approached can be intimidating and I wanted to offer you a way to get to know me a little better.

My name is Rey. I’m a 27 year-old Rush fan and firearms salesman and from San Antonio. I spent the first half of my twenties pouring myself into altruistic pursuits. I’m trying to spend a little more time these days focusing on my own pursuits and my own future. This, of course, means I’m dating now.


Things I like about myself


I'm a musician

I started playing music when I was in the fifth grade. I played violin in the Northside Strings program. (Later I taught that program for three years) Through school I played violin, cello, and double bass in orchestra. I also picked up the guitar and played in a garage band. (We won our high school talent show. So we were pretty rad.)

After high school I focused mostly on guitar. I picked up orchestral instruments again when I was 22 because, as I mentioned before, I started teaching elementary students how to play them. These days I play guitar in a band, Default. I gig around a little bit as a solo musician and with the band. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a rock star. These days I’m happy enough playing for people every now and then.


I like adventure

There's this dude, Alastair Humphreys, who wrote a book called Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes. If you like reading, consider that my suggestion for you. In this book he introduces the idea of "microadventure." The idea is you don't have to go on some grand excursion to have an adventure. It can be as simple as walking a few miles and camping out under the stars. I fell in love with this idea and it changed the way I spend my free time.

A picture from a "microadventure." My friend, Daniel, and I attended a gala in Bryan, Texas a few years back. Rather than book a room or drive home afterward (which would have amounted to something like 8 hours of driving in one day), we packed sleeping bags and picked a secluded field in which to sleep that night. It was the perfect spot. Trees almost completely encircled us. So even though we were just off the road and a few paces from our cars, we were totally hidden.


I've always been obsessed with adventure, but adventure was always a fantasy. I would dream of some day going to far off places to do exciting things. A few years ago I packed a bag and rode my bike to Government Canyon where I slept under the stars without a tent. I love adventure and I make it a point to engage in it. Sometimes that's a night under the stars. Sometimes it's a trip to Austin for lunch. I like to do small, out of the ordinary things. It means I'm less restless between big trips. (I went to Washington D.C., Boston, and New York last year. Where have you been?)


I like stories

The world is kind of lame. Fiction is an escape. When I was a kid I read constantly. When I got to college I had to read too much for class, so I stopped reading for leisure. While I've never fully recovered from that experience, I do love reading comic books and I'll pick up a book every now and then. I'm currently reading What Happened by Hilary Clinton. 

I enjoy watching TV (when I can), as well as movies. I'm a Netflix Originals fiend. Between Netflix and the CW superhero shows, I struggle to keep up. I'll give any movie a shot. I love Kevin Smith. I love the DCEU. I love The Notebook. 

Finally, I listen to a lot of podcasts. A LOT of podcasts. I drive a lot and I mostly listen to podcasts instead of music in the car. I currently publish three podcasts. The Permanent Waves Podcast, The Rey Loves Women Podcast, and The Stump a Catholic Podcast. You can read more about those here.


I'm Catholic

I’m not some sort of self righteous zealot, but I am a devout Catholic. I still drink lots of beer and I cuss when I watch the Longhorns play and I don’t think I’m better than you or anyone else. But the faith is important to me, so we have to be on the same page.

Things my Friends like about me

Rey is one of the most passionate people I know. He doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. Whether it’s his love for Jesus, his mom, Whataburger, or Batman, he always gives 100%. If you date Rey, he’ll treat you with the same courtesy and respect that he treats Rush. Which is a lot.  
— Trevor. BFF. Band Mate. Beardsman
Rey is the BEST. A man after my own heart but he’s my cousin. So naturally that’s been weird since the late 1800’s. He’s an intelligent, straight shooter with a secret craving for romance and he is so very dear to my heart. A family man to the core. He will care for all of us until he has nothing left. Definitely a man with his priorities in order. If you’re genuine, he’s genuinely the guy for you! There’s nothing better than a Godly man.
— Francine, Cousin.
The people in life that impact your life are rare and valuable. These are individuals who made a difference to who you are or how you think about life. For me one of those valuable individuals is Rey.
Rey has a funny way of transforming a conversation and making it intriguing. He is inquisitive about topics with a passion, something that you don’t see often. However when it comes to jokes he is a laugh and a half.

There is a certain vulnerability to taking a chance on someone. For Rey I would say it is an opportune bet, because you do not want to miss out.
— Jacqueline. Lady Friend From College. Latina. The Best.
How can I describe my bro Rey in words. Look I’ve known the guy for almost a decade and I still learn cool and neat interesting facts about how awesome he is. He’s striving to be like St. Joseph and has a true genuine heart for our Lord like St. Maria Goretti. He’s a true gentleman and if I had a daughter his age I’d trust that he’d truly love her with a Crucification kind of love. He is one of a kind and he makes me want to be a better man and human.
— David, Best Bud From College. Catholic (Duh.)
Rey has an incredibly large heart.
He is extremely supportive but also able to put someone in check if need be.
He is extremely intelligent, and can hold a conversation on damn near anything.
He is involved in his community.
Rey likes babies.
— Lauren, Former coworker. Future aviator. My biggest fan.
Rey is a fighter. I write that in the most original and purest sense of the word. He fights for what he believes in, even at the point where it hurts. Both for his faith and for justice, he gives it his all. He also loves life, despite all its difficulties. He finds joy and awe in many aspects of existence. Trust me, this is a guy you want to meet.
— Daniel, Friend since the seventh grade.


I hope you enjoyed this introduction. I certainly enjoyed making it. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

From reading this page or knowing me for any amount of time, you've heard a lot about Rush. I'll leave you with one of my favorite Rush songs. When people would ask my late father why he loved Rush so much, he'd offer this song as an example of what they do. This may be Rush at their Rushiest. 

Best Regards,



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