It’s entirely possible that I’m overselling it in the title for this blog, but once I discovered this resource my approach to planning youth group meetings was made radically simpler.

Almost every youth group event requires games. For my first few months on the job planning games was the best part of planning youth group. However, soon I ran into a creativity wall. I had thought of all the games my brain was going to think of and I wasn’t happy with the youth group games I would find online. I thought that they were geared toward a younger crowd than I was working with. It was around that time that a new gameshow got my attention.

Do you remember NBC’s Minute to Win It? It was a fun game show in which contestants would have one minute to complete trivial games built, mostly, from household items. The games varied in difficulty and complexity and contestants would win more money the further along they got. 

Whoever came up with this show concept probably got a huge bonus that year. The things that made it a great idea for NBC also make it a great idea for your youth group. The games are cheap to create, easy to scale, and addicting to play. Back in the day, when the show was still on air, NBC had a website where you could get instructions for all the games they played. I used to hit this thing up weekly for fresh ideas. The site doesn’t exist anymore (though it may come back in some form. In my research for this post I discovered that the show had been picked up by a new network.) but you can find thousands of videos on YouTube of people playing and explaining games from the show and games inspired by the show. This video is a good place to start. 

Minute to Win it games are a great, easy way to mix things up in your youth program. Another great thing about this activity is you can spread the love among your volunteers. If you’re looking for a way to get them more involved directly with youth group activities, send someone home with a bunch of plastic cups and a game for next week’s youth group meeting. That way you aren’t doing everything every week and your volunteers are appreciated and useful. 

That’s all for now. I hope you and your teens have a blast in the coming weeks with these great game ideas. Feel free to send me success stories or hilarious videos!