I've written before about finding games for your events. Today I want to give you another resource for new, exciting, easy, and trendy games.

Anyone else love Jimmy Fallon? If you don't, I am tempted to say you must not be American. Jimmy Fallon is the best of all of us. I love watching the Tonight Show. I love when Jimmy plays games with his guests. For a while now I've kept a note in my iPhone with youth ministry game ideas from the show. Below I have listed some of my favorites. If you need a fun game for your next event, look up "Jimmy Fallon Games" on YouTube.

Below I have, in no particular order, some of my favorite examples from the show along with some tips on adapting these games for your needs.

The Jinx Challenge

In the Jinx Challenge two contestants are given a category, such as "fruits." On the count of three they both say a word from that category at the same time. The goal is to say the same word.

Here is the Jinx Challenge as demonstrated by Jimmy Fallon and the incomparable Margot Robbie. (Jinx Gloves optional are optional)

Adapting this game for youth group:

Whenever I see a game that involves reading off a card, I try to replace the card with slides in a Keynote (or PowerPoint). This way the students who are watching the game get to be part of it. Instead of watching two people talk to each other, the group is involved, discovering topics and thinking through them with the contestants.

I'd also recommend doing the countdowns yourself rather than letting the contestants do it. They'll tend to waste time. If you're counting down and changing slides, you can dictate the speed of the game.


Five Second Summaries

In Five Second Summaries one player is given a movie to describe to his/her partner. However, they will only have five seconds to describe it. At the end of the five seconds there will be one chance to guess the movie.

In describing the movie, the players may not use words that are in the title of the movie and they may not use the names of actors in the movie.

Here we have Jimmy and Andy Samberg playing Five Second Summaries.

Adapting this game for youth group:

My favorite thing about this game is you can use it for any topic. In the clip above the contestants are guessing movies, but you can replace that with anything you've discussed in youth group. It's a good way to summarize things at the end of the night or even at the end of a longer event like a retreat. Get creative with it!

The Whisper Challenge

I LOVE this game. Two contestants take turns guessing the random phrase their partner is whispering to them. The twist is the guesser will wear headphones playing loud music to drown out sound.

Here's the Whisper Challenge with Jimmy Fallon and the still incomparable Margot Robbie. (I love Margot Robbie...)

Adapting this game for youth group:

First, You need to handle the music on your own. Don't let the teens use their own devices. That will derail the activity.

Second, again, replace the cards with slides that you can project for the whole group. You'll have to position the contestants so they can't see the slides, of course.

Finally, LLAMA SHOE!


Egg Russian Roulette

I have to admit that, while I've wanted to play this one since I first saw it, I've never been brave enough to actually force some teens to do it. In the show it's as simple as smashing eggs on your head. Some are hard boiled and some are... messy. If they get a question wrong you have to smash an egg.

Here's Jimmy with my girl Anna Kendrick.

Adapting this game for youth group:

In the show the whole game is about picking and smashing eggs on your head. I would suggest incorporating some sort of trivia aspect. If a contestant gets a question wrong, they have to pick up an egg.

Whenever I have a messy game I bust out the trash bags and a pair of scissors. The teens make their own protective suits in just a few seconds and then we can be as silly as we like.

Getting your teens to do this game might be tricky. If you think you will have trouble getting your teens to participate in this game, consider using your volunteers, speakers, or even clergy and religious who might be on your team. You can get the commitment ahead of time, so you know they won't back out and the teens will get a kick out of seeing their leaders doing something this silly.


Jimmy Fallon is a great example for youth ministers. Our primary job is to faithfully pass on the teachings of the Church to our students. That being said, we have a responsibility to make that process fun and engaging. Jimmy is a big deal, but he doesn't take himself so seriously that he can't be silly with his guests. It amazes me how silly A-list celebrities are willing to be when they're on his show. Hopefully we can inspire that level of confidence in our teens and youth ministry teams.